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Web Hosting

We offer custom web hosting packages designed to fit almost any business purpose. Only need a few MB of space for your holding page or small website? We offer a free hosting package with no advertising.

Joomla Web Design

Joomla is a popular open sourceContent Management System (CMS) which runs thousands of websites across the globe. This is often the ideal platform for a business to create a website which can grow as the business grows.

Bespoke Software Projects

Need something a little different? Is an out of the box solution not completely fullfilling your requirements? We can work with you to develop a web application to completely meet your needs. Check out our portfolio for some examples of our bespoke software applications.

IT Consultancy

Need advice or help with your IT setup in your business? We offer a consutlancy service to help guide you to improve your IT effeciency and show you what you can achieve using IT.

Remote Helpdesk

Too small to have your own IT department? To big to not have an IT specialist on call? We offer a helpdesk service for small businesses to help support and resolve any issues you encounter.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be a very effective method of communication messages to potential and existing customers. We can help setup and run email marketing campaigns on your behalf. No matter what your marketing campaign, let us help you ensure your message gains the maximum reach possible.


Ensemble Management System

Ensemble Management System is our flagship product which we have developed for Musical Ensembles. This software is free to use, with a premium version for enchanced functionality.

It is a HR application for Musical Ensembles, allowing them to easily track members, music and other assets as well as assiting with the scheduling of events and tracking player availability.

For more information, and to sign up for a free account, please visit our the dedicated EMS website.

Sceptre Vehicle Management System

Sceptre Vehicle Management System is a Dealer Management Software. Often referred to as an Automotive CRM, this software features a customer siding website for your customer to view your vehicle stock, in addition to a sophisitcated administration portal for you to list your stock and manage your marketing activities.

Our software allows you to manage your vehicle stock by manual entry or by using Registration Lookup. In addition to this, our marketing tools such as automated email campaigns, automatic posting to facebook and fantatic search engine optimisation tools makes this a fantastic asset for any vehicle dealer.

For further information please or to sign up for a tree trial, please contact us. For further information about the features available, download our information sheet.


Ensemble Management System
Musical HR System
Ensemble Management System is our flagship project. It is a HR system for musical ensembles. We can develop other Bespoke Software solutions based on your requirements. Contact us for a discussion about your project today.
Newport Lorry Park
Responsive HTML Web Design
The Newport Lorry Park Website is an example of a basic responsive website design. If you need a simple website to advertise your business or services, get in touch for a free quotation. We can normally turn around websites like this within 1 week.

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